Colored Contact Lenses Hits The Fashion Industry

Colored Contact Lenses Hits The Fashion Industry

Colored contact lenses have found its way into the fashion industry and have made a pretty big impact especially on advertisements. Models today wear contact lenses to enhance the eyes and to make the ads more beautiful. Most people idolize these models to the point that they want to mimic their look and with that, they also want to have what these model have.

New trends in fashionable contacts

There are a lot of colored contact lenses available in both stores and online. Both prescription and non prescription lenses can be bought in a variety of colors and sizes. And also, they come in different brands.

Moreover, our eyes are not all alike therefore; we have different needs when it comes to contact lenses. Here is an extended list of different types of contact lenses:

Daily-Wear Contact Lenses (Disposable) – These contacts lasts for only a day and should be taken off before going to bed.

Extended-Wear Contact Lenses – These lenses can be worn for a stretch of a week or two while some can be worn for about a month. These are also disposable although, you are recommended to use lens solution to keep your eyes moist and these lenses should be properly cleaned.

UV Protective Lenses – These lenses are technologically made in order to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays that normal sunglasses cannot block.

Toric/Bifocal Lenses – These are lenses for people who are suffering from astigmatism, hyperopia or myopia. These are commonly known as prescription contact lenses.

Contact lenses can really change the way you look as it can match the outfit you are wearing. It is also mentioned above that these come in different sizes – yes! There are contact lenses which are made to make your eyes look bigger – also known as the doll eyes. This type of contact lenses is seen in models who would want to portray a doll-like image.

When purchasing contact lenses, you should educate yourself on how to properly wear them. You should also learn how to properly to properly take good care of them especially if you are opting for extended-wear contact lenses.

Now you have the basic knowledge on contact lenses, you may browse online store or visit an optical shop near you. There surely are a wide selection of contacts and colors you can choose from. You can also find affordable lenses in several online stores. Enjoy shopping!

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